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Whether you're looking to get pregnant, stay pregnant or have the birth and aftercare that you want, Naturally Natal is here to help you.

How is Naturally Natal care different?
Naturally Natal provides care from pre-conception through to post-natal giving you continuity and support throughout the whole experience. My name is Esme Kohll and I am an experienced homeopath based in 
North London. Naturally Natal is my Crouch End practice, also convenient for Muswell Hill, Highgate, Alexandra Palace, Hornsey and Stroud Green. I offer holistic medicine to help with infertility issues and to facilitate a healthy pregnancy providing an optimum start for both baby and parents.  I will work with you to avoid unnecessary medical interventions and help achieve a natural birth if that is your choice.

Who is Naturally Natal for?
If you are or have been affected by issues such as the ones below, then Naturally Natal may be able to help you:

a history of miscarriage
problems during pregnancy
concerns about labour
difficulties after birth

"I met Esme from Naturally Natal 10 weeks in to my first pregnancy and two days later my nausea disappeared. Since that time Esme has helped with all my three pregnancies and births, a miscarriage, post natal care and the general health of my family. She is a talented homoeopath but also has a wealth of knowledge with regards to health and illness. She has helped me to make informed choices with regards to the well-being of my children, helping me to decide when to intervene with traditional medicine or not. Esme armed me with a birthing kit and in depth detail of how and when to use. During my first labour (inevitably the hardest) the baby’s position was back to back. After repeating the appropriate remedy, and much to the midwives surprise, he turned around and came out the right way round. This is just one of many wonderful examples I have, where I cannot doubt the power of homoeopathy. Esme has tackled every illness albeit acute or chronic with such positive energy and has been there for me throughout until the house is once again filled with laughter and smiles." 


How Does it Work?
Naturally Natal uses homeopathy to optimise health and promote the body's natural ability to reproduce.  

Homeopathic treatment is different to the conventional approach to issues like infertility, in that it treats the whole person and addresses the underlying cause of a person's symptoms. As an analogy, it would be like treating the whole tree and not just a diseased leaf.

Treat the tree not the leaf

Naturally Natal Remedies

The remedies I use are safe, non-toxic and non-addictive and are not tested on animals. They can be taken alongside drugs prescribed by your doctor and will not interfere with their action. Homeopathic remedies are suitable for people at all stages of life from the newborn to the elderly.

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To find out how homeopathy can help you please contact me on:
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