Can Homeopathy help me get pregnant?

Many people who have faced challenges in conceiving a child have been able to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby after homeopathic treatment. 

Around 50% of infertility is unexplained and so can't always be treated by orthodox medicine.  This is because orthodox medicine depends on the diagnosis of a specific condition in order to provide treatment. Homoepathy uses a much broader range of information on which to base a prescription and so does not rely solely on a particular diagnosis in order to be effective.

Homeopathy is a holistic therapy and in treating the whole person, enables the body's reproductive system to function more effectively. 

In cases of unexplained infertility, it is important that both partners receive treatment.

Treat both trees to make a healthy baby

"My GP told me I might have difficulty conceiving a baby, because my hormones were off balance. So I went to Esme at Naturally Natal. She looked at the whole picture. My lifestyle, diet etc. She put much effort into finding the right remedy. Four months later I was pregnant. My little baby boy recently had his first consultation with Esme, and she helped him, too."


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