How can Naturally Natal help me during pregnancy?

Homeopathy can help to support and preserve a viable pregnancy therefore reducing the chances of miscarriage by:

Strengthening the mother's immune system
Balancing the hormonal system
Addressing the effect of any external trauma

Homeopathy can also help you during pregnancy by treating any of the uncomfortable ailments or anxieties that can arise at this time such as:

morning sickness, fatigue, cramps, water retention, pre-eclampsia, constipation, high blood pressure, backache, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, malposition, post-dates and emotional problems

Naturally Natal can support you through this crucial nine months helping you to enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy and provide an optimum start for your baby.

A healthy and happy pregnancy

"Naturally Natal has helped me with both my second and third pregnancies. Morning sickness and low energy levels responded rapidly to the remedies that Esme prescribed for me, but perhaps the hardest part of being pregnant for me again was apprehension about the labours. My first labour had been induced and I really wanted to avoid that the next time around.  Esme gave me homeopathic remedies to help with the anxiety and to get labour established naturally. With my second baby, despite a transverse presentation and concerns about the level of amniotic fluid, I was able to achieve a natural delivery with no intervention or pain relief, much to the amazement of the medical team on standby for such a high risk delivery. With my third baby, Esme's support enabled me to keep my spirits up as I went past dates and the threat of induction loomed once again. The homeopathy really helped to stabilise me and keep me in a positive place.  Esme had supplied and explained how to use a birth kit of remedies and this gave me the sense that I was actually doing something to help myself and my baby. Ultimately I was able to have the birth that I so desperately wanted, in the birthing pool with no induction."

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