How can Naturally Natal help with labour? 

My aim is to enable you to have the birth that you want. A lot of people have an idea of the type of delivery they would like, but issues can arise in late pregnancy and during labour which can restrict your choices and increase the likelihood of medical interventions.  Homeopathic treatment has the capability to either avert or help with many of these situtuations and keep birth a straightforward and positive experience.

As well as providing pain management, some of the problems that homeopathic remedies can be used to address during labour are: failure to progress, irregular labour, fear and anxiety, exhaustion, ill-effects of drugs, excessive bleeding and retained placenta.

Keep birth a straightforward and positive experience

"Esme has attended the births of each of our three children.  They have all been positive experiences and Vicky, my wife, has been able to deliver each time using purely the homeopathic remedies that Esme prescribed, with no other pain relief. This included the recent birth of our third child, a 10lb daughter, whose delivery entailed potentially serious complications, due to her size and the fact that the cord was wrapped twice around her neck.   Homeopathy has enabled us to have the birth experiences that we hoped for and ensured, thanks to Esme’s reassuring support, that the pregnancies were also happy and healthy times."

James and Vicky

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