Care for mother and baby after the birth

Many of the difficulties commonly experienced after giving birth can be swftly and gently relieved by prompt homeopathic treatment. Examples include physical trauma, after-pains, prevention of post-partum infection, mastitis, breast-feeding problems and post-natal depression

Similarly, in the n
ewborn, shock after birth, neonatal hernia, jaundice, retention of urine, constipation, inflammation of eyes, colic, sleeplessness, abnormal crying, thrush, feeding difficulties, cradle cap and recovery from circumcision all respond well to homeopathy.

Esme was recommended to me by friends after I had my first baby.  My son was born weighing over 10 pounds and was delivered naturally in the posterior position.  As a result of an extremely intense and long labour I experienced a lot of pain and discomfort which made caring for my newborn very difficult.  As I was unable to leave my house, Esme very kindly agreed to give me a telephone consultation and the next day the treatment arrived in the post.  Within 1 hour of taking the first dose, I felt immediate relief and was able to walk around with more ease.  After 4 days I was essentially completely healed.  Without Esme's treatment I would have been looking at a considerably longer recovery period of at least a month, in fact my midwife was absolutely amazed at the turnaround in my health and comfort levels when she visited me a week after the birth.  I would recommend Esme to any expectant mother.


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